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Week 8 Game Picks

Welp, we're on to Week 8 and I continue to trend in the wrong direction. Woodrow's Winners has now taken the lead on me. We have 5 more games this week, and a few of them could be really competitive. Some teams continue to trend up (Georgia Tech, Syracuse, UNC) and some teams are starting to (or continuing) to trend downwards (Duke, NC State, and the State of Virginia). Don't worry though, if you're disappointed in your team, college basketball starts in 18 days and the hope gets to fill back up!

Last Week:

ACC Guru: 1-3

Woodrow’s Winners: 2-2

Season Total:

ACC Guru: 30-35

Woodrow’s Winners: 31-34

Virginia at Georgia Tech (-3) Thursday 7:30 PM ESPN

Woodrow's Winners: Jackets have gotten me back to .500. We go back to the well. GT at home.

ACC Guru: Ugh... UVA is playing again this week, so I'm ready to be hurt. At least they won't ruin my Saturday. GT looked like one of the worst teams in the country after 4 weeks, fired their coach and haven't lost since. UVA has the better talent, but they haven't shown it all year and have played 3 competent quarters this season. They've got to put it together at some point, right? Right?? If not now, Elliott might lose his team and in turn lose the rest of their games. This is more pleading, than picking, but give me the Hoos.

Syracuse at Clemson (-13.5) Saturday 12 PM ABC

Woodrow's Winners: I lowkey love Cuse so much this game. I think I wanna call Clemson fraudulent. I will wait until next week but give me the Orange on the road.

ACC Guru: I completely disagree. I think Clemson is for real, and can absolutely compete for a National Championship this year. Syracuse is fun, and way better than expected, but I still don't think they're THAT good. Their strength is running the ball, and you don't run on Clemson's D-line. Clemson makes a statement on Saturday and blows out the Orange.

Duke at Miami (-9) Saturday 12:30 PM RSN

Woodrow's Winners: Duke is good. Duke is bad. Duke is okay. Every week is different. Miami is good. Miami is bad. Miami is okay. Every week is different! Nine is a lot--Duke!

ACC Guru: I'm not 100% sure what to expect from this game, but I am 100% sure that this will be the worst gameday environment in the conference, if not the country, this week. No one will be at this game, and those that are will be more willing to boo the Canes than cheer for them. Even though Duke has lost a couple in a row, they're still putting up a fight. I think they'll keep this one within the 9 points.

Boston College at Wake Forest (-20.5) Saturday 3:30 PM ACCN

Woodrow's Winners: Wake all day here. Home against a pretty bad team and that is a simple call.

ACC Guru: Sam Hartman and Wake Forest are absolutely rolling. If their name was Florida State, they would be in the conversation for the ACC having multiple teams in the playoff. Unfortunately, they're not. Unfortunately, we still have divisions this year. Unfortunately, only the SEC gets multiple teams in the playoff until we get expansion. Deacs win this one big.

Pitt at Louisville (-2.5) Saturday 8 PM ACCN

Woodrow's Winners: This line shocks me...which must mean Vegas is right. Louisville.

ACC Guru: I'm completely with you on this one. I can' t believe Louisville is favored. Vegas knows something. Give me the home team, as well.

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